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Introduction of maintenance method after the burn of wire harness connector

Time:2018-04-10 14:50:29

  Most of the burnt parts are connected with the plug, and the heat energy will burn out the connector plastic plug. Generally, the harness is the wire harness of the headlights, the wire harness of the cigarette lighter and so on, and the replacement of the whole harness is time-consuming and laborious. The following introduction is made to the processing and maintenance scheme of the car harness plug:

  1. find a piece of paper or camera VCR, record the location of the wire harness, the wire harness terminal is gently poked down with a little bit of steel nail, so that all the wire harness terminals are separated from the burned plug, the burnt place is not easy to poke out, and it is dragged down directly. This is the first step.

  2., we should buy connectors (wiring harness plug) and wiring terminals, wire harness special clamp and heat shrinkable sleeve for automobile harness manufacturers.

  3. the burned parts of the burned line are cleaned, the heat shrinkable shears are fitted to the top, the wire harness is connected to the connector with the wire clamp, and the heat shrinkable sleeve will be wrapped up with hot water. It's like.

  Summary: using this method to process the harness can save the time of changing the whole car harness and avoid the cost of buying the car harness. It is simple and practical. The plug of the car harness, the wiring harness terminal and the clamp can be purchased directly from the manufacturer of the car harness.

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