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Application and market analysis of car harness connector

Time:2018-04-10 14:52:39

  The wiring harness connector is a kind of terminal. The connector is also called the connector, which is made up of plugs and sockets. Connectors are relay stations for automotive wiring harness in automotive circuits. The connection between the car harness and the car harness, the car harness and the electrical components is generally adopted. The car wire harness connector is an important part of the car's various electrical and electronic devices to prevent the connector from running off in the car. All connectors are locked in a lock device.

  1. Disassembly method of car harness connector

  When the connector is disassembled, the lock is first lifted, then the connector is pulled away, and the car harness is not allowed to pull the harness in the case of unlocking, which will damage the locking device or connect the car harness.

  Two. Characteristics of car harness connector

  Car car harness connector, for example, is an important part of each electric and electronic equipment connected to a car. It transfers electrical signals between power, switch, electrical equipment and electronic equipment. It is known as the car nerve, and is the carrier for the control of the electric signal of the car. It has the characteristics of good air tightness, beautiful appearance and so on.

  Main features: 1. unipolar 75 ampere connectors and terminals; 2. working voltage: 600 volts (AC or DC); 3. pluggable life: more than 5000 times; 4. voltage insulation voltage: 2200 volt; 5. conduction resistance: 100 micro ohm.

  Three. Application of car harness connector products

  Automotive wiring harness connector products are applied to automotive, household appliances, instruments, office equipment, commercial machines, electronic parts lead and electronic control board, and applied to digital products, household appliances and automobile industry. With the increase of vehicle function and the wide application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical components will be added, and more and more wires will also be installed.

  Four, the market prospect of car harness connector

  In recent years, the rapid growth of mobile phone output in China has led to a large demand for mobile connectors. The largest demand for mobile connectors is battery connector, SIM card connector and FPC connector, accounting for about 50[%] of the total demand. According to the global resource market research report, the connector Market in the mainland of China will be two digit growth driven by the demand of the computer and consumer electronics market. Many local connector manufacturers started with mold development or manufacturing, and gradually penetrated into the connector manufacturing area. They have considerable competitive advantage in terms of cost control and rapid response to customers and the market because of their ability to develop, manufacture and form plastic moulds.

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