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The car harness will be thinner, lighter and thinner

Time:2018-04-10 14:53:19

  Automobile wiring harness is usually considered to be the central nervous system of a vehicle, which connects the on-board computer with all the related functions on the vehicle. The electronic technology content and quantity of vehicle wiring harness in vehicle gradually become an important index to evaluate the performance of vehicle. With the continuous growth of China's automobile industry, the automotive wiring harness industry has also been developing rapidly.

  Oulite electronics show after 12 years, for the automotive wiring harness related enterprises carefully build the best platform. From car harness to automobile connector, from automobile electronics to automobile test, from traditional car to new energy vehicle, Shanghai Electronic Exhibition in Munich is committed to improve the comfort, safety and economy of automobile, and provide complete core device supporting scheme and efficient design idea for the whole vehicle factory.

  "Cars have brought a lot of convenience to people's lives, but they also have been consuming natural energy on the earth. With the rapid development of automotive electronics and information technology, the functions of automotive electronics are increasing. The large use of these electronic devices makes the electric wiring in the car longer and more complex, the increase of the weight of the car wire harness also leads to the increase of the cost and energy consumption of the whole vehicle. " This is in March this year, at the Munich Shanghai Electronic Exhibition "international wire harness Innovation Forum", the Delphi Parker Electronics / electrical systems business department, product engineering manager Ms. Jin Yingnan on the car harness light quantitative keynote speech.

  The weight of the car harness accounts for about 1~2% of the car's weight. According to statistics, the wiring harness of a senior car has reached 2km, and its weight is 20~30kg. The energy consumption of wiring harness per vehicle 100km is about 50W, which is equal to that of burning 0.1kg fuel for 25kg. The study shows that if the vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 8%, the vehicle weight can be reduced by 100kg, the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.3~0.6L, and the CO2 emission can be reduced by about 5g/km. Therefore, the future trend of automotive wiring harness is thinner, lighter and thinner.

  Conform to the trend of energy saving and environmental protection, Delphi Parker electronic / electrical system in the automotive wiring harness research and development goal is also thinner, lighter and thinner. In this Munich Shanghai electronics exhibition, Kim Ying man introduced the Delphi Co's 0.13MM thin wire conductor and aluminum conductor.

  Because the properties of aluminum materials are easy to be oxidized and softer, the mechanical and electrical properties after compression are relatively low. In addition, the contact of aluminum and copper produces galvanic corrosion. The conductivity of aluminum is lower than that of copper. To achieve the same current carrying capacity, the wire diameter of aluminum conductor will be larger than that of copper wire. When the line diameter is thickened, the diameter of the branch will also become thicker, which will bring difficulties for wiring.

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