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Technical improvement of car harness

Time:2018-04-10 14:54:40

  Car harness manufacturers process car wiring harness technology promotion, car harness is the main body of the car circuit network, connecting the electric and electronic components of the car and making it function, without the wiring harness there is no car circuit.

  Functionally, there are two kinds of power lines, such as carrying power actuators (actuators), electric power and transmitting sensor input instructions. A power line is a coarse wire that carries a large current, and a signal line is a fine wire (fiber communication) that does not carry power; for example, the cross section area of a signal circuit is 0.3, 0.5mm2.

  The sectional area of the wire used in the motor and the actuator is 0.85, 1.25mm2, and the cross section area of the power circuit is 2, 3, and 5mm2, while the special circuits (starter, AC generator, engine grounding wire, etc.) have different specifications of 8, 10, 15 and 20mm2.

  The larger the cross section of the wire, the larger the current capacity is. The selection of wires is not only considering the electrical performance, but also restricted by the physical performance of vehicle. Therefore, the selection of wires is very wide. For example, the frequent opening / closing doors and crossing wires between taxis should be made of flexible wire.

  The wires used at high temperatures usually use vinyl chloride and polyethylene coated wires with good insulation and heat resistance. In recent years, the electromagnetic shielding line used in weak signal circuits is also increasing.

  With the increase of automobile function, the general application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical parts, more and more wires, the number of circuits on the car and the amount of electricity has increased significantly, the harness becomes heavier and heavier. This is a big problem that needs to be solved. How to make a large number of wire harnesses more effectively and reasonably arrange in the Limited car space and make the car harness play a greater function, has become a problem facing the automobile manufacturing industry.

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