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Production process of car harness

Time:2018-04-10 14:45:16

  Production process of car harness

  First: stripping. The accuracy of the stripper is directly related to the whole production progress. Once the error occurs, especially the short or long line size, it will lead to the rework of all the workplaces, and the time consuming and hard work will affect the production efficiency. So the wire must be according to the requirements of the drawings according to a wire line terminal to determine a reasonable size, stripping head size.

  Second: pressing process. To determine the pressing parameters according to the type of terminal required by the drawings, to make the manual of the pressing operation, and to specify and train the operators on the process documents for the special requirements. For example, some wires need to pass through the sheath before they can be pressed. It needs to preload the wire first and return from the preinstalled position to repress, and the piercing connection is used for the special pressing tool, which has good electrical contact performance. And we must test the tension value of the terminal. If the pull is not enough, we need to re regulate the crimping die.

  Third: preloading. In order to improve the assembly efficiency, the preinstalled work position should be set up in order to improve the assembly efficiency. The efficiency of the assembly will be directly affected by the preloading process, and the technical level of a technician is also reflected. If the preinstalled partial assembly is less or the assembly line path is not reasonable, the workload of the General Assembly will be increased, and the speed of the assembly line will be slowed down so that the technicians should always stay in the field and summarize it.

  Fourth: assembly process. According to the assembly table designed by the product development department, the design of the equipment and the size of the material box can be designed and the number of all the assembly and accessories is attached to the material box to improve the assembly efficiency. Compiling the contents and requirements of each station assembly, balancing the whole assembly station to prevent a heavy workload and slow down the whole pipeline speed. To achieve work balance, technicians must be familiar with every operation and calculate the working hours on site, and adjust the assembly process at any time.

  Wiring harness production is mainly divided into two ways: end pressure (crimping) and molding. There is no best place to manufacture. And we must check the products thoroughly, test the conductivity, resistance and voltage of the wire, so as to ensure the product's yield and prevent the defective products from coming into the market.

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