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Importance and precautions of car harness

Time:2018-04-10 14:46:10

  In a time when the car is as popular as a mobile phone, people are getting higher and higher, and performance is usually the most important standard for measuring a car. It is usually used to evaluate the performance of a car: power, fuel economy, braking, handling stability, smoothness and passage. Etc.. From this, it can be seen that power is one of the first factors that people first consider. If the performance is good, if the wiring harness is not designed well, or the wiring harness is connected, it is conceivable that this is called the success or failure of the details.

  As one of the most important parts of the car, the wire beam is equivalent to the transmission nerve of the car, and it has the function of signal control to the car, which directly affects the quality and performance of a car. Therefore, in addition to meeting the basic performance requirements of vehicle, wiring harness design requires high quality of wire harness itself. The wiring harness manufacturing involves wide range, many requirements and complicated process. Therefore, how to manufacture high quality and high efficiency wire harness is worth studying.

  After many years of research on the application of automotive electronic equipment technology, automatic driving, electronic map and dynamic optimization system have been developed so far. These technologies are all declaring the emergence of intelligent vehicles. Nowadays, intelligent cars have entered ordinary families, and the popularity and depth of popularization have been promoted and developed. As an important part of automobile, automobile wiring harness and automobile connector also develop, and closely follow the development of automotive electronic technology.

  Automobile wiring harness is an important part of Automobile Electrical and electronic equipment. It plays the role of transmission signal between electronic equipment and electrical apparatus. It is the carrier to control the electric signal of the car. It can be said that there is no car circuit without wire bundles. With the increasing demand for cars in modern society, the intelligentization of cars has also increased, which puts forward higher requirements for automotive wiring harness. A car connector is equipped with a car wiring harness. The function of the connector is a device for fast connection and interruption between the wiring harness and the wiring harness and other electronic devices. With the development of automotive electronic technology and the development of the wiring harness, the connector also puts forward higher requirements. The connector should be more flexible and the insulation is more high. It can provide better conditions for the transmission of wire bundles, improve the performance of the car, increase the reliability and safety of the car. As an important part of automobile wiring harness, the design and research of the connector have also become an important part of how to improve the performance and intelligence of the automobile.

  The most ideal result for the design of wire harness is to use the shortest wire and the most suitable section of electric wire, so as to ensure that all electrical and electronic devices of the car can work normally. Therefore, there are strict requirements for wire material, quality and conductivity. In addition to the material of the wire itself, the working ability of the wiring harness involves the external control factors such as the cross section of the wire, so in the selection of the wiring harness, it is necessary not only to consider the wire itself but also to the concrete operation and practice of the researchers. The connector that plays the role of connecting and connecting is also very demanding. The friction and wear of the contact end of the connector can withstand the test of the long time work of the car, and the material that is easy to wear or not have enough friction should be eliminated as soon as possible. The connector is made up of two parts, the base and the contact end, which is destined to be more complex than the wire harness.

  With the increasing popularity of cars, users' demand for cars is also increasing. In order to meet the market demand, researchers constantly transform and optimize the car to make it more intelligent, which will inevitably use more wiring harnesses to control the car. In this way, the intelligent improvement of the car has been solved. At the same time, many new problems have been added, such as the complexity of the circuit, which reduces the reliability of the car, increases the difficulty of maintenance, aggravates the quality of the car and occupies a large amount of space. After research and development, the researchers changed the line control to the first line multi-purpose system to maximize the space and improve the overall efficiency of the system, so as to make full use of the limited resources. It is to use this method to simplify the number of wire bundles, reduce the occupying space, increase the utilization rate, increase the reliability of the car, improve the intelligence of the car and accelerate the development of automobile intelligence. The emergence of this practice has also put forward higher requirements for wire harness, prompting the manufacture of wiring harness and the manufacture of connectors. First of all, for the manufacture of wire harness, we should strictly control the selection of raw materials. The performance requirements are clearly stipulated in the corresponding industry or national standards, but most performance indicators are different to the performance and requirements of the wiring harness. By analyzing and studying the wires of different materials, the researchers should compare and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of their brother wires and then choose the appropriate electricity according to the requirements of the car's performance. Line。

  Secondly, under the condition of the performance and quality of the raw materials and parts, the processing quality and the quality control of each process should be strictly controlled during the manufacturing process of the online beam. Once the intelligent improvement of the car will increase the application of the wiring harness, it will increase the number of wire bundles, take up more car space, increase the weight of the car itself, reduce the flexibility and safety of the car, and also have a certain effect on the appearance. Therefore, how to avoid the above problems by combining the wiring harness to avoid the above problems It is also an important issue. It is necessary to think about the transmission function of the wiring harness itself, and how to solve the problem perfectly without using too many wire bundles, so the cross section of the wire beam is a convenient way to solve the problem. In order to adapt to the improvement of automotive intelligence and wiring harness, the selection of wire section is very important without changing the quality and space of vehicle. Determine the cross section of the wire according to the determined wire. The selection of wire section is based on line voltage, ambient temperature and wire mechanical strength. The selection of the wire section should take into account the capacity of the wire itself, not more than the maximum value that the wire can bear, and the capacity of the wire. For the pursuit of the final result, the overload of wires will accelerate the aging of wires, increase the probability of accidents, and reduce the safety of vehicles. Therefore, the determination of the cross section of the wire is a comprehensive selection according to the requirements of many aspects. A numerical change will result in the change of the cross section of the wire or wire. Therefore, when selecting the cross section of the wire and wire, we should take into account the range of the change of the value and accurately calculate the minimum and maximum value of each value. It is the most scientific method to choose the most suitable wire after comparison and determine the section of wire. The choice of automotive connector is more rigorous. Connectors connect wires and electronic devices and parts, which is the key to normal operation of vehicle. In the selection of the connector, the friction degree and wear resistance of the material should be considered, and the effects of the harmful substances in the atmosphere, the influence of the environmental factors on the contact surface, and so on, the selection of the connectors is more stringent than the selection of the wire bundles. Because the automobile connector is composed of two parts of the plug and socket, the key to the design of the connector lies in the design of the contact parts and the base, and the coordination between the contact parts and the contact parts and the base and the base is the core of the design. The selection of materials based on this butt contact is a major event. At this stage, the selection of materials is mainly made of several available alloys. The specific selection is based on the type of contact parts, the frequency of the plug-in and the conditions and environment of the work. The pulling force of the contact is also one of the important factors. In actual use, the difference in the pulling force will directly affect the normal use and operation of the connector, and also increase the wear and reduce the life of the connector. The actual situation shows that when designing connectors, we should consider the structure of contacts, the quality of partial coating and the accuracy of contact arrangement. It is possible to design better connectors by combining the factors such as resistance, mechanical properties and environment.

  Improving the level of automotive electronic equipment is an important prerequisite for vehicle development, and also an important step. As a connection and transmission of automobile wiring harness and automobile connector, it is necessary to get more rapid development in quality and technology in the process of design and manufacture, and get rid of the state of the development lag of wire bundles and automobile development. Only in this way can we develop synchronously with automotive electronic devices. Kunshan five star automotive connector, imported parts, with high quality and low price, saves costs for the automotive industry.

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