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There are mainly four ways to connect connector plugs.

Time:2018-04-10 14:49:51

  1, thread connection mode: some large size contacts and connector plugs often work in strong vibration environment. This connection form can be installed to prevent loosening fuse after completing the connection. The connection form is reliable, but the unloading speed is slow.

  2, bayonet connection: it is a reliable and fast form of connection and separation. Most card 121 connection forms of electrical connectors have correct connection and locking intuitionistic display, which can be observed from a small hole in the side of an electrical connector.

  3, plug and pull connection mode: a multi-purpose form of connection. When the plug and socket of the electrical connector are connected and separated, the moving direction is usually a reciprocating and straight line movement. It does not have to be torsional and rotated. It only needs a very small working space to complete the unloading. There are two kinds of common plug and pull connections: ball or pin. The connection form because there is no mechanical labor organization, once the misplug mechanical resistance increased significantly, can be found in a timely manner.

  4, the connection mode of the cabinet: it is the electrical connector on the equipment which is close to the frame, which is close to the frame. It can make the electrical equipment less light, easier to maintain and more reliable. This type of connection makes the operator unable to feel the connection. It is necessary to design an accurate positioning device to avoid the forced connection of the plug connector plugs, making it impossible to insert the plug. Connector plugs usually use floating or elastic contact design structure to ensure their correct connection.

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