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Development of car harness

Time:2018-04-10 14:55:59

  A wire harness is wrapped with a rubber line and a woven wire by a plastic adhesive tape. It refers to the contact part terminal (connector) made of copper material, which is pressed by the wire and cable, and then represses the insulator or the external metal shell, and bundled the wiring harness to form a connection circuit. In order to ensure the safety and processing and maintenance, the woven thread package has been eliminated. Now it is wrapped with sticky plastic tape. The connection between wiring harness and wiring harness, wiring harness and electrical components is made of plug-in or ear. Compared with traditional wiring harness, multiplex transmission device greatly reduces the number of wires and plug-ins, making wiring easier.

  With the increase of vehicle function and the widespread application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical components will be added, and the wires will become more and more. The wiring harness will also become thicker and heavier. Car harness is a necessary connection to each other in automobile circuit, and the harness is the key of a car. It becomes the main body of the network of the automobile circuit, and there is no car circuit if there is no wire harness. At present, China is the largest automobile manufacturing country in the world, and is also the largest car harness manufacturing country in the world.

  At present, the domestic car harness enterprises are mainly in the carrier and passenger car market, and the main supporting car market foreign car harness enterprises have more obvious advantages. Being able to keep up with the trend of technological development is the power source for all wire harness enterprises to develop continuously. The future prospects of the car harness market are wide, and the wire harness enterprises should constantly enhance their technical standards in order to be in the dominant position in the process of the expansion of the car harness market.

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